Free Phone Captioning service for the deaf and hard of hearing. Written text will be displayed on the phone, computer or mobile phone of what the other person is saying.

Our unique Phone Captioning System which allows you to See Live Captioned Text Right on your Phone, Computer (Mac or PC), and BlackBerry. PhoneCaption.com is designed to provide captioned telephone calls for the Hard of Hearing. This service transcribes voice dialogue into text allowing Hard of Hearing users to read captions of what the other party is saying in near real time. Individuals who are hard of hearing now have a way of communicating on the phone with their hearing counterparts. The hard of hearing party simply places a call, and receives what the other end of the line is saying via text captions. as long as you are logged on www.phonecaption.com, these captions may appear on a PC or Mac computer screens, Cisco IP Phone, or for wireless users, a BlackBerry mobile Device. Choose what is most fitting to your lifestyle, and we’ll provide the captions. It’s That Simple We assign you a dedicated toll-free PhoneCaption number to make and receive captioned calls. You can choose any of the following to make a call: Phone Caption – TEXT – This will allow you to view captioned text while you speak on the phone. If you are using an IP phone (i.e. Cisco 7960), you can read the transcribed text directly on your IP phone screen.Sign up to begin using this service today! If you need to contact a 911 emergency service, we urge you to dial 911 directly. If you must use our service to contact emergency services, please make sure your profile information is up to date.